I have extensive knowledge and experience in the world of 3D modeling and animation. The creativity I bring is very natural to me and that is what makes me stand out.

Being an artist is not easy and to be someone with a variety of skills is even difficult, but overcoming the barriers, I have come a long way to prove himself to be among the best artists that you can think of to do a job. I am smart, quick, agile and most importantly, very passionate about what I do.

I have a rich 10 years of experience in the field, but most of my experience is in India where I grew up as a child and translated my passion to professionalism. I am here in Canada to learn advance techniques and gain the creative instinct that will make me among the best.

I have done my specialization in 3D Rigging and 3D Animation. Apart from that I have good hold on 3D Modelling, Game Designing, Graphic designing and much more.

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